The Performance Handicap Racing Fleet of Eastern Long Island (PHRF/ELI) is composed of the owners of monohull sailboats of varying performance characteristics that are handicap for local racing on the basis of observed performance rather than measured dimensions. PHRF/ELI is one of approximately 80 such performance handicap fleets across the country, each of which tries to adapt and implement locally the basic principle of performance handicapping; that yachts of different makes, models, classes and dimensions are issued handicaps on the basis of the observed speed of a well sailed, well maintained, and well equipped specimen of each type.

The geographical area in which we operate is limited to Gardiner’s and the Peconic Bays together with the intervening waters. Most handicap sailboat racing at the club level as well as the handicap racing program co-ordinated by the Eastern Long Island Yachting Association utilize ratings issued by PHRF/ELI.

PHRF/ELI is administered by the Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association as a result of an agreement made by the Eastern Long Island Yachting Association and PHRF ELI in 2024.

Each member of PHRF/ELI that applies for a rating is issued both a regular and non-spinnaker rating together with their appropriate Time Correction Factors for use in racing scored on a time-on-time basis. All rating certificates automatically expire on April 30 of the following year and so must be renewed annually.

Elsewhere on this web site you will find details of our rules and regulations, the rating appeals process, an application form together with instructions for its submittal and a link to pay electronically. Additional questions not answered by this material may be directed to phrf@ecsa.net